7 th of November and the 15 th of December 2023

Internship for teachers of higher educational institutions, organized by the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Bialystok University


The landscape of higher education post-pandemic continues to change rapidly; the expectations
and needs of diverse student groups are growing; and the globalisation and digitalisation of our
lives is ongoing. Combined, these contemporary trends obligate higher education teachers to
innovate their pedagogical practices, in order to enhance their students’ learning
outcomes. Therefore, this internship aims to deepen the knowledge and develop the competences
of university teachers in applying innovative methods and approaches to working with
their students. The lecturers on this programme are leading teachers and researchers in higher
education across various European countries, meaning that we offer universal lessons that not
only enrich teaching and learning in the  higher education context, but also transgress
institutional and cultural boundaries.

More specifically, the participants, through references to the
international literature, analysis of case studies and practical exercises, will:
– become familiar with the European higher education policy context
–  improve their competences in the application of diverse new teaching methods and
approaches (e.g. digital storytelling, writing skills (both academic and creative), flipped
classrooms, and preparation of teaching materials for students with special educational
– reflect on the potential benefits and challenges of applying these methods and approaches in their classrooms
– design concrete means for implementing their chosen new practices into different areas of their own teaching
Each training module is accompanied by a 90-minute webinar (on Zoom) and a package of digital training materials for use by trainees.

Topics of internship modules

Presentation of speakers of the UwB Faculty of Educational Sciences, General Provisions on internships

Dr. Marta Kowalczuk-Walędziak, deputy dean for international cooperation of the Faculty of Educational Sciences UwB

Webinar 2: Innovation or transformation? What does it mean to be an innovative academic teacher in the times of transformation?

Lecturer – dr Beata Karpińska-Musiał, University of Gdańsk, Poland

Webinar 3. The European Union and the European Higher Education Area: Policies, processes and outcomes

Lecturer – dr Tore Bernt Sørensen, Hertie School, The University of Governance in Berlin, Germany

Webinar 4. Challenges of selecting, writing, implementing, and producing the deliverables of a European Union funded project

Lecturer – Prof. Gracienne Lauwers, Vrije University of Brussels, Belgium

Webinar 5. Flipped learning and online discussion in higher education teaching

Lecturer – Prof. Marija Sablić, University of Osijek, Croatia

Webinar 6. Digital storytelling

Lecturer – Assoc. Prof. Aušra Rutkiene, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

Webinar 7. Transversal competences: philosophy and practice (Transversal Competences Framework, the Skills Audit Method and MyPortfolio web app as practical tools for identifying and documenting transversal competences)

Lecturer – dr Barbara Fijałkowska, Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych, Poland

Webinar 8. Principles and tools for preparing materials for students with special educational needs

Lecturer – dr Agnieszka Dzięcioł-Pędich, University of Białystok, Poland

Webinar 9. Exploring writing skills with students: from creative to academic

Lecturer – Aileen McKay , academic editor and mentor, Glasgow, Scotland

Internship results

Dr. Marta Kowalczuk-Walędziak, deputy dean for international cooperation of the Faculty of Educational Sciences UwB

Bialystok University issues a certificate of completion of an international internship lasting 180 hours (6 ECTS credits) to all internship participants. The internship program comes with a professional translation into Ukrainian.

The certificate of completion of scientific and pedagogical internship is a document confirming the completion of an internship in a scientific institution in a country that is a member of the European Union, for the title of associate professor, Professor and senior researcher in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 19, 2015. № 656 “Some issues of implementation of Article 54 of the law of Ukraine "On higher education" (as amended by resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 173 of 02.03.2016, № 308 of 25.04.2018), order of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine of 14.01.2016 № 13 "On approval of the procedure for awarding academic titles to scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers".

The organizational fee for participation in the internship program is 5200 UAH