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Certified advanced training course for secondary school teachers of Ukraine

Course topic: Modern secondary education: from global trends to local successes

Date: 1.12.2023 – 15.12.2023 year

Distance internship at Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie

Internship dates:

from January 22 – March 1, 2024

Internship for teaching and research-teaching employees on the basis of the University of Economics in Krakow, Poland

Go ahead for new knowledge!

Internship for teachers of higher educational institutions of Ukraine organized by the Faculty of Educational Sciences UwB

New theoretical and practical knowledge, improvement of Polish-Ukrainian relations, exchange of useful information with foreign colleagues.

Go ahead for new knowledge!

from August 12 – September 20, 2024

Online internship in Warsaw for teachers on the basis of the University Collegium Civitas

from February 12 – March 22, 2024

Do you work in your native country, improve your professional level, but this is not enough for you? If you are one of those teachers who want to develop and explore the world, welcome to online-internship on the basis of the University Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, Poland.

Advantages of studying and internships abroad

Internship programs abroad open up great opportunities for Ukrainians. By studying the experience of advanced countries, postgraduates, doctoral students, research-teaching employees improve their level of knowledge. They also master the latest unique methods, gain teaching experience, receive information exchange and expand scientific contacts.

Trips to educational and study trips provide an opportunity for students and leaders of Student Self-Government of Ukrainian universities to learn how to get free education in foreign universities. Also learn and get acquainted with the educational process and student life. You will understand all the advantages and prospects of higher education abroad and come back with ideas to bring them to life in the future.

This is an opportunity to see firsthand the beauty of European cities and get acquainted with the culture of other peoples. Poland, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary – this is an incomplete list of countries that we had to visit during this time.

All organizational issues are handled by the ELPD team. You only enjoy all the benefits. Participants have the opportunity to travel at reduced prices by applying for participation in advance. The price of a trip abroad includes a visit to the event itself, medical insurance, accommodation, breakfast in hotels. We provide comfortable travel by bus and provide excursion support.

Traveling with ELPD will leave you with vivid impressions and memories, and most importantly – an experience for life.

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